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E-Learning Smart Class

E-learning Smart Class has been implemented for effective teaching through audio-visual interactive classes in every subject.

Teaching Aids

The child's assimilation of knowledge is not restricted to formal class room instructions alone. Use of audio-visual means, Overhead projector, LCD projector, play way method charts and models upcoming and ID-room for Kindergarten are promoted. Group Discussions, Debates, Writing Skills, Language learning and analytical games are used as techniques in mental up gradation of students..

Counseling Facilitiy

"CREATHICS",Keeping in consideration the need for consistent help and guidance has the provision for counseling for the students with regard to not only vocational training, course and career guidance, but also professional help for students suffering from mental stress, tensions, anxieties and psychological problems arising from the hectic fast paced life-styles of today and which is manifested in their behaviour.

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