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Unit Test & Exam Pattern - PNC to Class IX, XI
1st Unit Test 20 Marks May
Half-Yearly Examination 80 Marks September
Total 100 Marks
Unit Test & Exam Pattern - PNC to Class IX, XI
2nd Unit Test 20 Marks Dec
Final Examination 80 Marks March
Total 100 Marks

Aggregate out of 200 marks i.e. (100+100) marks Passing % = 40% i.e. 80/200 marks in every subject. Promotion next class depends on the performance of the student during the en academic session for all classes.


1. Promotion will be granted on the basis of the year's work and evaluation, Half yearly Examination, Annual Examination and Project Assessment.

2. If a student fails to appear in Half Yearly or in unit test on genuine grounds, he/she may be allowed proportionate credit for such test.

3. If a student fails to appear in Annual Examination due to any reason, he/she will be deemed to have failed in the Annual Examination and shall not be promoted to 'next class.

4. However, if the absence in the annual examination is due to reason beyond control, he/she will be given supplementary examination on orders of the principal.


1. All students of PNC will be promoted to NC.

2. Students of N.C.-K.G. must obtain at least 40% marks in each subject and an aggregate of 40% for promotion.

3. Students of class I to IX, XI to must obtain at least 40% in all subjects for promotion.

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