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On the basis of total score for various activities, various trophies are awarded to the houses. The House claiming 1st position gets 4 points where as the last position gets 1 point.

The most coveted trophy is "Creathics" trophy which is awarded to the house with top scores in all activities i.e. Academics, Cultural and Literary. Games and Sports, Athletics and Morning Assembly.

The weightage of each of the above is -

Academics 5 times
Cultural & Literary 2 times
Games & Sports 1 times
Athletics 1 times
Morning Assembly 1 times

It means a house with 1st position in Academics will get 5x4= 20 points so on and so forth.

For the award of academic Trophy, scores of students given below are taken into consideration.

The points are thus added and the house with top score gets the trophy.

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