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Creathics Public School

Creathics Public School, Sanjay Nagar, Bareilly a unit of Rajendra Shaikshik Samiti is an upcoming Educational Institution striving to become the region's most distinguished and illustrious school, building a reputation for its excellence in parting quality education and total personality development of each child keeping in view his/her characteristics.

It was incorporated to impart quality education to the students of Bareilly city. It is an ICSE affiliated Co-Ed English Medium School providing value based quality education to develop all round creative aspects of a student's overall personality.

Creathics Public School aims to create an environment for nurturing, nourishing and guiding precious young minds during the most formative and crucial period of their lives imbuing them with principles and ideals of life. The concept is to impart total quality education with a blend of contemporary and traditional care using age old Indian philosophies as well as modern concomitant paths.

Realization of these extra ordinary goals necessitates superior infrastructure, highly capable, qualified & experienced academic faculty and non-academic staff members, who help to develop rapport with children and motivate them to achieve the highest standards of life. Our school is primarily for parents who know the current competitive scenario, who also appreciate the importance of total development and empowerment of a child through the best educational methods and aspire him to become the highest achievers. Each child from our school displays discipline, excellent elegance, refinement of manners, confidence and etiquette, knowledge, practice of traditions, respect for others and human values, care for environment, physical and mental abilities and of course excellence in academics.

Advantage at Our Creathics

We have far-sighted vision and a global outlook while retaining essentially rich values of Indian heritage and tradition that we blend and inculcate into each student at our Institution. When you enroll your child at Creathics Public School, you enjoy several advantages. A few of these are:-

Access to the best, enlightened study courses implemented in interactive ways to help knowledge transfer, retention and application.

A child learns how to acquire knowledge, retain it and then know where this knowledge comes in useful, giving him motivation and incentive to learn. There is no blind learning at CPS. He knows when, what, how and why of knowledge.

Superior facilities, clear, clean, airy, spacious air conditioned classrooms .

Fully-equipped Labs and work areas for science, computers, music & dance.

Caring, committed teachers who are more like gurus.

Full focus on all round development: physical, mental, spiritual and social skills acquisition.

Total integrated 360 degree lifestyle that includes studies, play, arts, crafts, competitions, social activities and acquisition of diverse skills for comprehensive personality development.

An opportunity to make friends with other children from the same social and form life long bonds.

Polish and refinement and deportment of the highest order are reflected in each Student's behavior an area of neglect in other learning center.

We train and equip each child to make full use of his capabilities, interact at a social level with skill and finesse, learn about courtesy and respect, attain superior knowledge levels, take on positions of leadership and become an example for society.

Pillers Of CPS Education

Universal Values

Universal values are spiritual qualities, virtues, and values common to all people, traditions, religions and cultures.

Global Understanding

Global Understanding is accepting one ness of humanity, harbouring love for other human beings and respect for all living things, and going, beyond the harrow confines of caste, colour, religion and country, to opportunity and celebrating diversity in all its forms.

Service to the world

Service to the world goes beyond charity to recognized service as way of life, so that when children grow up, they become conscious thinkers and doers, leaders of thought and action, and proactive agents of social transformation.

Excellence in all things

Excellence in all things is striving for perfection and beauty and learning to do one's best always. It means competing with onself. it also means expecting and visualizing the test in every child.

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