House System

House System The Proctorial Baird and the Student Council works in consonance with the School Administration and their members perform various duties.

The school is divided into four houses viz-ARYABHATT,BHASKAR, RAMAN,& RAMANUJA

Name of the House House Color Motto
Aryabhatt Green Let the fortunes of house previal
Bhaskar Blue None can separate us
Raman Yellow Never give in
Ramanuja Red one for all & all for one

Summer Camp

A summer camp is also organized during the summer vacations in which various experts are engaged to train the students in various field of sports, games & other activities. Courses like Skating, Swimming, Dance, Instrumental music, Yoga, Gymnastics, Pot Painting, Embroidery, Cookery, Table manners, Personality Development & conversation are also included.

Transport Facility

The school has a transport facility plying on routes covering all localities of city catering for the needs of students for easy and comfortable transportation.

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